Amniotic Stem Cell Injections- All You Need To Know

Amniotic Stem Cell Injections- All You Need To Know

Millions of people suffer from different types of joint pain. The treatment options have been so far, limited to steroid injections, physical therapy visco-supplementation injections, and joint replacement surgery. However, medical science has started to broaden its horizon to find effective ways to treat chronic joint pain.

In this regard, amniotic stem cell injections or stem cell knee injections Chicago are one of the cutting-edge treatments that use amniotic fluid to treat people with osteoarthritis and joint issues. It is a proven way to heal pain, especially when other traditional treatments fail.  Many studies demonstrate that amniotic fluid has natural regenerative properties and can help people reduce scars and inflammation.

If you’re new to this treatment domain, the article may help you understand everything you need to know about amniotic stem cell injections.

What is Amniotic Stem Cells

Amniotic cells are typically a combination of stem cells extracted from amniotic fluid surrounding an unborn baby. The stem cells can develop into a wide variety of tissues, including cartilage, skin, bone, nerves, and cardiac tissues.

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Most often, doctors throw away this fluid after birth. However, many mothers who undergo cesarian delivery donate amniotic fluid now as it has numerous benefits as a regenerative process. Note that the amniotic stem cells come from a thin amniotic sac. They are not part of the fetus or embryo.

How they Amniotic Stem Cells

Amniotic stem cell injections can offer patients the ability to heal damaged and injured tissues naturally. The type of cell therapy uses stem cells extracted from amniotic tissues. A professional physician at stem cell treatment in Chicago injects the cells directly into the target area to allow tissues to repair and heal.  The Amniotic stem cell can cultivate into any cell type and stimulate the natural healing process.

Moreover, stem cells come with beneficial anti-inflammatory properties. When used as a pain, stem cell therapy Chicago goes beyond the advantages of standard “injection procedure.” While cortisone and drug treatments provide pain relief for a short time, amniotic stem cells restore your degenerated tissues and give you long-term relief.

The growth factor in amniotic stem cells replaces all the damaged cells in the target area of your body. Plus, stem cell injections have an adequate amount of hyaluronic acid, which help you keep joints and tendons lubricated. It eases the pain and also helps you restore mobility.

Benefits of Amniotic Cell Injections

Amniotic stem cells;

  • do not have any steroids. The injections instead rely on the body’s naturally occurring anti-inflammatory components like cytokines.
  • contain sufficient amounts of hyaluronic acid to lubricate cartilage and promote its growth.
  • contain several growth factors to stimulate cell and tissue growth

Lastly, amniotic stem cells are highly concentrated and a rich source of amniotic fluid.  The feature makes amniotic stem cell injections or fat-derived stem cell therapy preferable over other embryonic cells and own stem cells (from bone marrow or fat) of a patient.

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