Back Pain Condition Treated by Stem cells

Back Pain Condition Treated by Stem cells

Back pain condition treatmentsBack pain condition has become a very common health problem. With stressful work routines and technology making its way through paralyzing us in front of the computer screens, back pain has become a universal concept.

Medical science is trying to discover the best treatment options available for low back pain. They are currently exploring stem cell therapy, which involves injecting the body with rich stem cells in order to repair the damaged discs of the spine.

Clinical trials seem to be working towards the success of this treatment, however, no doctor has yet claimed it as a cure for the pain, or as a controversy-free procedure. Prior to discussing these controversies, let us review what stem cells actually are and how they can possibly help you heal your back pain.

What are Stem cells?

Stem cells are found in the body performing a particular function. These cells have the ability to repopulate and self-renew themselves which served as the initial idea for scientists to repair the body with its own break and repair process. The hypothesis of stem cell transplant is that a number of high-quality cells are extracted from the bone marrow, and transplanted back into the body where they will perform as required by the body for healing.

For the back pain conditions, it is assumed that the stem cells will be injected into the degenerated disc, these cells will transform into cartilage cells, and thereby repair the disc.

The controversy

While the idea sounds great, this treatment comes with its own unanswered questions.

  • What is the best dose of injection?
  • What kind of back pain condition qualifies as an indication for the treatment?
  • What modification of the cell will be required as the disc area has no blood supply and is low in oxygen?
  • What are the best cells for back pain? (placenta, adipose, mesenchymal)

The side effects of the treatment are still unknown. There is no saying whether or not the treatment will cause any kind of complication in the coming years. To date, the therapy seems to be working just fine, with no early-stage side effects. Patients who have been under clinical trials do not complain of worse pain, but a thorough detail of how the procedure may have worked is also unclear.

Should you opt for it?

The advancements in the technology are exciting and promising. The best way to come to a conclusion about this regenerative medicine is to read FDA studies related to stem cell therapies for back pain. It will help you have a clear understanding of the benefits and possible side effects. The safety of the patient is the key concern in all experimental stage treatments. And the only way to ensure success is to have the procedure carried out by experts in the field of stem cell therapy.


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