Boosting Muscle Regeneration Naturally

Boosting Muscle Regeneration Naturally

Sore muscles, aches and stiffness are not unknown to any athlete. NSAIDs or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Ibuprofen and Aspirin are often taken by athletes to reduce inflammation and pain. However, research shows that these anti-inflammatory painkillers cause more harm than good. They prevent muscle repair and regeneration after injury or rigorous exercise.

A study by researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine shows that “a molecule released as part of an inflammatory response after muscle injury or rigorous exercise activates muscle stem cells responsible for repairing the damage”.

Muscle stem cells remain inactive in the skeletal muscle tissue until they are stimulated to divide. In the event of damage or injury to the muscle, an inflammatory response causes these stem cells to activate and regenerate muscle tissue. But drugs like ibuprofen can prevent this ability of the muscle to repair itself.

This is almost surprising since inflammation has traditionally been considered a harmful, response to injury. But the study showed that the inflammatory response makes the muscle stem spring into action to regenerate the damaged muscle tissue. This could turn out to be a great way to naturally boost muscle regeneration.

The Stanford team said that this study could pave the way to use stem cells to help people with muscle injury or trauma.

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