Can Stem Cells treat Type 1 Diabetes?

Can Stem Cells treat Type 1 Diabetes?

Many patients are curious to know whether stem cell therapy can cure or fight Type 1 diabetes. Diabetes is a major cause of blindness, kidney failure, heart attacks, stroke and lower limb amputation and even death.

Research shows that stem cell therapy is an effective long-term treatment for insulin dependence. 15 of the 28 patients were able to stay off insulin injections for more than a year and one individual with type 1 diabetes could go without insulin injections for three and a half years.

How does the stem cell therapy fight type 1 diabetes?

Stem cell therapy is combined with drugs for a double attack on the disease. This is also known as a ‘cocktail’ treatment because of the combination of two treatments. Type 1 diabetes attacks the immune system so immunosuppressant drugs are used to suppress the immune system. This allows the stem cell therapy to be more affective.

The stem cells used are taken from the patient before the treatment, concentrated, and then reinjected during treatment. These stem cells replace the cells that were attacking the patient’s insulin producing cells.

Although research and trials are still underway, stem cell treatment shows great potential in treating type 1 diabetes, especially in children.

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