FAQs on Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis, Sports Injuries and Overuse Conditions

FAQs on Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis, Sports Injuries and Overuse Conditions

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem Cells are special cells of the human body. They are able to take the shape of other cells as well through differentiation. They have an unlimited ability to grow through cell division and are employed by the body during the development of tissues, especially in fetal development.

Amniotic Stem CellsHow are Amniotic Stem Cells Extracted?

Amniotic stem cells are usually obtained from the amniotic fluid as well as the cut part of the umbilical cord that is part of the amniotic membrane. This fluid contains a mixture of stem cells, which have the ability to grow into different tissues such as the cartilage, muscle and bone tissues. These amniotic stem cells are quickly becoming important due to their medicinal value. They are kept in a cryogenic state so that they do not get damaged and are only taken out when someone requires an active treatment.

Are They Different from Embryonic Stem Cells?

Yes, they are different from embryonic stem cells. They do not belong to the fetus in any way. These cells are the adult and they are usually taken after performing a strict screening of the donors. They are also in a state of growth and, therefore, are able to provide quick healing in most cases.

What is Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy?

The amniotic stem cells which are gathered from the amniotic fluid are usually processed and stored for later use. The amniotic stem cell therapy is delivered by using this mixture of stem cells to give relief to the symptoms of overuse injuries as well as sports injuries to people who generally have muscular or joint related problems.

How Effective is Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy in Treating Arthritis?

Amniotic stem cell therapy is excellent at treating joint swelling and deformed bone structures which is the common problem faced in arthritis. The amniotic fluid contains allogeneic mesenchymal cells which are able to quickly alleviate the symptoms that often make arthritis a very painful disease.

This therapy is also excellent for autoimmune disorder diseases because stem cells are able to regulate the response of the immune system, and stop their response against the healing of a joint while still preserving the immune system to fight an external disease.

How Effective is Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy in Treating Sports and Overuse Injuries?

The amniotic stem cell therapy is very effective in treating sports and overuse injuries. These injuries usually happen due to swelling in joints and ligaments from consistent use. The amniotic fluid used in this therapy contains a number of growth factors. These chemicals are able to quickly catalyze the healing process required to rebuild the core strength of the joint, which in turn relieves athletes from their injury symptoms.

The hyaluronic acid delivered through this therapy is able to provide the necessary lubrication to the damaged tissues around a particular joint, enabling it to recover from chronic injuries that occur due to overuse of muscles.

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