In the past 5 years, it seems the hottest topic in treating a myriad of different ailments has been the use of Stem Cell therapy. Regenerative medicine is a newer field of study that has begun to show much promise over the past few years, giving hope to thousands of patients worldwide and sparking the interest of doctors from every discipline. For the past few decades and presumably longer, the main strategy of clinical medicine has been only to identify symptoms and use medications or surgery to treat those symptoms which is rarely successful and very exhausting, both for the patient and the medical team.

Regenerative medicine’s main goal, on the other hand, is to zero in on the injury or disease’s point of origin, and replace or repair damaged tissues and cells so the body’s natural process of healing can occur. The Regenerative Stem Cell Institute specializes in adipose-derived stem cell therapy in Chicago to help treat chronic pain and inflammation, fight diseases, treat cancers, and even help combat the dreadful process of aging. Regenerative medicine combines many different fields of science from biology to computer science in the hopes of understanding and utilizing the human body’s natural structures and processes of restoration to treat what we used to think were untreatable injuries or diseases.

Stem cell therapy in Chicago

There are two most common forms of regenerative medicine that the Regenerative Stem Cell Institute offers patients: platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy and stem cell therapies in Chicago. Regenerative medicine is changing the face of clinical and surgical practices across every field and is paving the way towards more intuitive and natural medical therapies.




There are many different forms of stem cells that can be used but the most common and the only stem cell type we use at the Regenerative Stem Cell Institute are adult stem cells derived directly from the patient’s adipose (fat) tissues. Stem cell therapy in Chicago specializes in adipose stem cells because this is where the largest amount of usable and accessible stem cells can be harvested.

Because the stem cells are naturally produced within our body, rejection of the treatment is not an issue because the cells are those of our own. Adipose stem cell therapy has given our patients and doctors hope in treating stubborn injuries and diseases by improving and replacing damaged tissues, reversing high-speed disease, and reducing chronic pain and inflammation.




Unlike bone marrow-derived stem cells, adipose stem cells are harvested from the fat tissues of the human body. The Regenerative Stem Cell Institute stem cell treatment in Chicago specializes in the harvesting and use of adult adipose stem cells. Under a local anesthetic, our stem cell doctors perform a mini-liposuction procedure on the abdomen or upper thigh area to isolate and replicate the fat-derived stem cells. Once the cells have been isolated the solution is spun in a centrifuge machine and recollected for “deployment” back into the patient’s body at the site of injury or disease.

The liquid solution rich with millions of stem cells is re-administered through an injection into joints, veins, or damaged tissues with the procedure’s duration being only a few hours long. Stem cell therapy in Chicago at the Regenerative Stem Cell Institute is leading the charge in the future of stem cell therapy and ultimately the future of medicine!

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