Helping Concussion Patients Recover

Helping Concussion Patients Recover

Concussions are traumatic brain injuries that can have lasting effects down the road. They can result from anything such as a sports injury to falling. They are the most common form of traumatic brain injury. Some people experience a concussion and have no side effects while others may notice side effects for days following the incident. The more concussions a person has in their lifetime the more likely they are to have permanent brain damage later on in life. While there are not many treatments that exist for concussions besides rest, advances in medicine have shown stem cell therapy to be helpful for post-concussion patients.


One of the reasons concussions are dangerous is because they are difficult to diagnose. While some people may experience symptoms immediately, others may not notice symptoms until days or weeks later. The most common symptoms include confusion, feeling dazed, nausea, slurred speech, vision problems, and dizziness, sensitivity to light, memory loss, concentration difficulty, and behavior or personality changes. While all of these symptoms can also be indicative of other problems, if you notice any of them in the hours, days, or weeks after hitting your head, they may be a sign of a concussion.

Some people may experience post-concussion syndrome after a single concussion or after multiple concussions. Unfortunately, there is no single treatment that exists for concussion patients. Treatment typically depends on the specific symptoms that are being exhibited. Headaches are a very common result of concussions. Medication is typically used to help severe headaches. Memory loss is also a common symptom. Unfortunately, no real treatment exists as it is not fully understood what causes memory loss from concussions. Mood disorders and personality changes are another common result of concussions. However, while therapy may be helpful, it is not a cure.


Fortunately, stem cell therapy has been shown to be very effective in helping those suffering from post-concussion syndrome. While it is not known exactly what causes a post-concussion syndrome, it is known that stem cells can help to repair and regenerate damaged tissue. Since the brain is a bodily tissue that is damaged during concussions, stem cells are thought to help repair this tissue. Stem cell therapy also comes with very few risks that benefit the patient. When used in combination with other forms of therapy, stem cell therapy can be extremely effective in addressing a multitude of problems related to post-concussion syndrome.


Concussions are an extremely dangerous brain injury, especially when a person experiences multiple throughout a lifetime. They are not fully understood which makes them difficult to treat. What we do know is that every time a person experiences a concussion, the likelihood of developing permanent brain damage later on in life becomes increasingly more likely. This is particularly dangerous because we do not fully understand the brain and do not yet have a cure. However, stem cell therapy provides hope to patients suffering from post-concussion syndrome. Stem cell therapy comes with very few risks and significant upside potential.


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