How Adult Stem Cells Repair Damaged Tissues

How Adult Stem Cells Repair Damaged Tissues

As regenerative medicine gains more popularity in the field of medicine, so do the procedures under it. Many people have benefited from the restorative powers of regeneration medicine procedures, such as stem cell therapy, exosome therapy, platelet-rich therapy, and other forms of regenerative medicine procedures. If you are new to the field and would love to learn about adult stem cells, this article provides basic knowledge of the natural body healing agent.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are cells that can morph into different types of cells in the body. Stem cells divide to form daughter cells, which become other stem cells or form other types of cells such as blood or bone cells. As a result of this flexibility, researchers have found that they can manipulate stem cells into different types of cells to heal, restore and renew damaged tissues and muscles in the body.

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What are adult stem cells?

Adult stem cells are stem cells that are derived from different adult tissues, including bone marrow and adipose tissue. Unlike embryonic stem cells, which are derived from three to five-day-old embryos, there are no ethical concerns about the use of adult stem cells. Scientists are also looking towards the use of reprogrammed adult stem cells that have similar benefits to embryonic stem cells without causing harm to any embryos. Induced pluripotent stem cells are adult stem cells that have been reprogrammed to act like embryonic stem cells.

Where are adult stem cells found in the body?

Adult stem cells are the body’s natural healing agent. They are available in rich deposits in different parts of the body because the body needs them to repair damaged tissues from time to time. When they are not needed, they stay inactive until the body calls on them to divide to form new cells to heal or repair an injured part.

Many organs in the body have adult stem cells. Researchers have found this vital substance in the brain, teeth, skin, skeletal muscle, fat deposit, bone marrow, and heart. Currently, the two most popular sources of adult stem cells are bone marrow and fat deposits. To harvest stem cells from the bone marrow, doctors inject a special needle directly into the marrow, which is located at the center of the bone. The procedure is a simple one, and usually, doctors collect stem cells from the bone marrow in the hip bones and sternum. Fat-derived stem cells are harvested through liposuction.

How do adult stem cells help repair damaged tissues?

As stated earlier, adult stem cells divide into other adult cells and other types of cells. When this happens, the undifferentiated adult cells remain inactive for future use. In contrast, the other cell types begin forming blood, tissue, or muscles, depending on the type of cells they are. Researchers have found that adult stem cells can help patients with different autoimmune, urologic, pulmonary, orthopedic, and neurological conditions.

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