How Long Does Stem Cell Therapy Last?

How Long Does Stem Cell Therapy Last?

Many people suffering from various medical issues such as rotator cuff and shoulder arthritis often have limited treatment options. Although pain medication, surgery, lifestyle changes, and topical treatments are some standard options, these medical conditions require something more promising, effective, and, more importantly, less invasive. This is where the role of Chicago stem cell treatment center comes into play.  Regenerative cell transplant offers a less invasive and straightforward compared to other traditional treatments.

Let’s learn more about stem cell therapy to understand its efficacy and procedural methods.

What is Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are distinctive cells in the body. They can transform and develop into several different cell types, depending on where and how a physician injects them into the affected or injured site.  Stem cell treatment for ms in Chicago uses the cells extracted from the bone marrow of the patient.  The doctor injects these extracted cells into the injured or affected area.

Stem cell therapy also refers to regenerative medicine that offers promising results as an alternative treatment for many medical conditions and diseases requiring surgeries to fix. People who suffer from conditions like joint-related injuries, rotator cuff tears, shoulder arthritis, and other similar degenerative conditions find stem cell knee injections Chicago extremely beneficial.

The raging therapy offers improved results, while any typical side effects patients often have to experience post-surgery.

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How Long Does Stem Cell Therapy Last?

Once your stem cell treatment in Chicago is complete, the injected cells continue to form new healthy cells in the affected area for one year. However, it doesn’t mean that you will take one year to experience relief or see the results.

While most patients notice improvement within a few weeks after stem cell therapy, others may take some more time. After treatment, patients need to continue with recommended treatments and physical therapy from the doctors to allow stem cells to work effectively.

For example, shoulder arthritis has the typical treatment that may include massage, pain medications, topical pain relief gels and creams, hot and cold compresses, and lifestyle changes. While all these treatments can help with sharp pain spikes and provide substantial relief to some people, they are not a long-term solution as patients’ condition deteriorates with time.

We say this because, in degenerative conditions and injuries like arthritis, soft tissues continue to execrate overtime. It eventually promotes patients going through the painful condition to seek surgical treatment.

Although surgery is an effective way to alleviate pain or treat shoulder injuries, it entails several adverse side effects such as the potential for infections, heavy-duty medication intake, and painful recovery time.


Overall, people who opt for stem cell therapy Chicago to treat different medical conditions experience relief within 2 to 3 weeks. Depending on your condition’s severity, the fat-derived stem cell therapy
heal the damaged tissues faster than traditional treatments.

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