How Stem Cell Knee Injections Alleviate Knee Pain

How Stem Cell Knee Injections Alleviate Knee Pain

Stem cell therapy has been at the center of discussions in the medical field for years. Many people have particularly tried the non-invasive process for alleviating chronic knee pain. Regardless of age, a large percentage of people in the USA experience knee pain.

While prescription medication and physical therapy are good to treat mild pain, people with severe pain often require surgery. This is where the role of stem cell therapy comes into play.  Opting for stem cell knee injections can make a great option for people struggling to reduce or manage knee pain.

That is to say, this cell-based therapy can be really helpful to find relief from debilitating knee pain caused by arthritis, accident, or injury.  Let’s plunge into the details and determine how stem cell treatment in Chicago can help alleviate knee pain.

Stem Cells Injection for Knee Pain

Knee pain afflicts active people during various stages of their lives. Whether it is a knee injury, disease, or age factor, it affects cartilage to the point where it deteriorates the knee joint. Depending on the severity of the condition, knee pain may lead to limited comfort and movement.

Fortunately, with the right treatment at a stem cell treatment center, overcoming knee pain, and returning to normal activities is possible.

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How does Stem Cells Knee Injections Relieve Knee Pain

Knees comprise cartilage and ligaments and don’t receive blood supply as other body parts. As stem cells use blood to reach the target area, the knees often don’t get their key benefits. Old age can also be a reason that affects the number of stem cells reaching the knees. These reasons make it difficult for knees to restore their health.

Interestingly, stem cells are present in your body and act as a repair system. Note that your body reduces the optimum amount of stem cells required to deliver to the injured area with age. The fat stem cell treatment aims at amplifying the natural repair system of the body.

When concentrated on the affected part of the knee, the stem cell injections will replace or repair damaged cells. They serve as a template that turn into different types of cells according to the need. That is to say, stem cells can adapt to bone, cartilage, fat, and various other types of connective tissues.

At Chicago Stem Cell Treatment Center, doctors add extra cells to the affected knee to help the injured or damaged cartilage heal normally and naturally. The stem cells precisely can

  • Repair cartilage
  • Reduce scar tissue
  • Mend torn tendons
  • Relieve inflammation and pain
  • Decreases  the rate of cell death

Stem cell treatment in Chicago allows your body to repair itself without undergoing any invasive procedure.  The stem cell injections stimulate natural healing and gently treat and alleviate knee pain.

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