Insurance and Stem Cell Therapy

Insurance and Stem Cell Therapy

One of the biggest questions all patients have when it comes to medical procedures is cost. Patients often like to know whether or not the procedure is covered by insurance and if it is not, how they are going to afford the out of pocket cost. This is a particularly important question when it comes to new therapies such as stem cell therapy. Over the last few years, stem cell therapy has gained popularity. It boasts almost magical healing abilities and can greatly improve a person’s quality of life. However, the cost is a very real topic of discussion when it comes to this new therapy, and understanding how insurance works with stem cell therapy is important prior to undergoing treatment.

While it seems like everyone is raving about stem cell therapy, it is still a very new treatment method. As a result, stem cell therapy is currently not covered by any insurance. Insurance often takes years and years before they approve a new treatment for coverage. In addition, because stem cell therapy deals with biologics, insurance coverage becomes even trickier. As a result, patients who undergo stem cell therapy do so as an out of the pocket expense. It is important to understand exactly what this means for patients.

Insurance And Stem Cell Therapy

While your insurance may cover the initial office visit if the physician you are visiting is in-network, it important to note that the stem cell therapy procedure will not be covered by your insurance. This means you are responsible for covering the entirety of the cost of treatment. Initially, this may sound disheartening to patients. However, if you have worries about the cost of treatment, it is important to sit down with your doctor’s office and find out what your options are. Many physicians offer payment plans for their patients to make the burden of the cost a little easier. In addition, some physicians may offer need-based discounts to their patients who are not able to afford the treatment. At the end of the day, it is important to weigh the cost and benefit of treatment. While stem cell therapy might seem expensive, think about how expensive it is for you to continue missing work to your ailment, or missing out on momentous social experiences due to your ailment.

Regenerative stem cell therapy is not covered by insurance and as a result, may make some patients feel they will never have access to it. However, it is important for patients to speak to their physicians about any monetary concerns when it comes to stem cell therapy. Because stem cell therapy is a new treatment and physicians know it is not covered under insurance, many physicians are willing to work with their patients to come up with some kind of plan to help them afford stem cell therapy. While you may experience sticker shock upon learning the cost of stem cell therapy, it is important to remember what the procedure can do for your life. There is no price tag you can put on the quality of life and happiness.


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