Signs You May Have Lupus

Signs You May Have Lupus

Lupus is an autoimmune disorder that can affect the joints, skin, kidneys, blood, brain, heart, and lungs. Many people in the United States suffer from lupus, yet plenty of people who have the condition go undiagnosed. Many symptoms that are present in lupus are also signs of other diseases. This can make it very difficult for patients to find an accurate diagnosis. In fact, patients may go through months or years of testing before being diagnosed. As a result, understanding some of the key signs and symptoms of lupus can help patients to advocate for themselves and work with their physicians to find an accurate diagnosis.


Extreme Fatigue


           Many patients who are suffering from lupus experience extreme fatigue. Lupus is an autoimmune disorder which means the body’s immune system begins to attack itself. This can cause the body to experience extreme fatigue as it is working overtime to fight what it perceives as an invader. However, extreme fatigue can also be a sign of other ailments. As a result, further testing is needed to determine whether or not the patient is suffering from lupus.


Joint Problems


           One of the tell-tale signs of lupus is joint problems. Many patients who suffer from lupus experience severe joint pain and swelling. These are often the first signs a person may have lupus. Most patients experience sore joints that are warm to the touch. Fortunately, there are various treatments, such as regenerative stem cell therapy, that can help to minimize this pain. 

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Low Fevers


           Many lupus patients experience low-grade fevers during their flare-ups. Oftentimes, patients overlook this symptom because it is seemingly unrelated to any illness, and if often so low, patients do not realize they even have a fever. However, if you notice you are suffering from low-grade fevers on and off, it is worth visiting your physician as this is an early sign of lupus. 


Skin Rash


           A butterfly-shaped skin rash across the cheeks and bridge of the nose is a tell-tale sign of lupus. If you notice this symptom along with any others on the list, there is a good chance you may be suffering from lupus. Lupus can cause extreme skin sensitivity such a flaky skin, red skin, scaly skin, or sores.


Chest Pain


           Chest pain is another common symptom of lupus. When people have lupus, they may suffer from inflammation of the myocardium (heart muscle). This can lead to chest pain and an irregular heartbeat. Unfortunately, chest pain can be a cause of many different illnesses. Therefore, physicians must rule out all other conditions before diagnosing a patient with lupus.


           Chest pain is a later symptom of lupus. By the time a patient may be experiencing chest pain, likely, permanent damage has already been done. Therefore, if you notice other symptoms on this list, and believe you may be suffering from lupus, it is best to make an appointment with your physician at the Chicago Stem Cell Treatment Center so you can get an accurate diagnosis. 

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