Stem Cell Therapy and Pain Reduction

Stem Cell Therapy and Pain Reduction

Pain management is an important field in the world of medicine.  As modern medicine has allowed people to live longer and longer, it is more common to notice the body breaking down in old age.  This undoubtedly leads to pain.  Pain management has made some much needed major advances in recent years.  An overprescription of pain medication has unfortunately led to the opioid crisis.  Fortunately, there has been a lot of research in alternative pain management treatments, one of those being stem cell therapy.

Pain is a unique experience for every person.  One person may experience worn down cartilage with very little pain, while another person may be unable to walk due to the pain it causes.  Pain can greatly affect a person’s life.  What may once start as a dull pain can grow into unbearable pain with time.  As a result, untreated pain can end up leading to problems such as depression, and negatively impact a person’s quality of life.

In the past, treating pain was primarily aimed at treating the symptoms.  If a person was feeling pain, they might be prescribed pain medications.  While pain medication often helped in the short term, our bodies eventually build up a tolerance, and they begin losing their effectiveness after long term use.  This led to people taking more than their prescribed does and, thus, the opioid epidemic.  Fortunately, there has been a lot of improvement in the field of pain management since this problem has been noticed.

Nowadays, there are physicians who specialize in the practice of pain management.  There are a host of treatments that do not involve the use of prescription medication.  Some of these treatments include spinal cord stimulation, cortisone injections, and other alternative treatments.  One of the most exciting developments has been the discovery of stem cell therapy.  Stem cells are undifferentiated cells in the body.  This means they can turn into any kind of cell the body needs to repair tissue damage.  This is a revolutionary development because so many treatments in the past were focused on treating pain as a symptom.  Stem cell therapy is focused on treating the underlying causes of pain.  This means stem cell therapy could eventually have the ability to completely heal patients of their ailments, especially when it comes to tissue damage.

Stem cell therapy has absolutely shown progress in the field of pain reduction and management.  This is especially true in damaged tissue.  As our bodies grow older, we begin to lose some of the cushioning our bodies once had, such as cartilage.  If stem cells are able to differentiate into cartilage cells and replace damaged and degenerating tissue it could mean a world of less pain for aging patients.  There is also hope that stem cell therapy may be able to help athletes in the future who suffer tears of career-ending injuries.  Stem cells have already shown a lot of promise in the patients they have helped.  As time goes on, there is no doubt physicians will gain a better understanding of their full potential and the hope they provide for the future.

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