Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Pain

Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Pain

You may have heard that regenerative medicine, especially stem cell therapy, can help to repair tissue damage, and treat many otherwise difficult-to-treat conditions. Chronic knee pain is one such condition.

Knee joints are protected by cartilage to prevent bone on bone rubbing. However, with wear and tear due to age or injury, a knee joint may get damaged and never fully recover. With time, osteoarthritis can set in, causing debilitating pain and making life difficult for patients. In many cases, surgery seems to be the only treatment option.

Fortunately, stem cell injections can help people avoid knee surgery and live a pain-free life.

Stem cell injections for knee joints provide great benefits to the patients.

Stem cell injection therapy for knee pain is a far less invasive than surgery. The stem cell injection procedure can help delay the degeneration of tissues and repair the area, affected by inflammation and arthritis. This can delay the need for surgery or even take away the need for surgery altogether.

The adult stem cells are extracted from the patient’s own fat or adipose tissue. This minimizes the risk of infection or rejection. Once the stem cells are extracted, they are concentrated and injected into the affected area. The entire procedure can be on an outpatient basis and patients are quickly back on their feet.

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