Stem Cells Help Those With Neurologic Problems

Stem Cells Help Those With Neurologic Problems

Stem cells have taken the world by storm in recent years.  They have the ability to harness the body’s natural healing power to provide relief from a variety of different ailments.  Many people who think of stem cell therapy think of pain management.  They have made headlines for being able to provide relief from chronic pain due to arthritis or injury.  However, after more research being done on the efficacy of stem cell therapy, it has been found that stem cells can greatly help those suffering from neurological disorders.

Neurologic disorders are rare, but they do affect people throughout the United States.  One of the reasons a neurologic disorder diagnosis is so difficult is because these conditions tend to be degenerative, meaning they worsen with time, and there are no cures.  Treatment is typically aimed at lessening symptoms.  However, there is no way to entirely prevent the progression of the diseases.  Fortunately, stem cell therapy research is building strong evidence that stem cells can greatly help those suffering from various neurologic problems.

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Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, stroke, ALS, complex regional pain syndrome, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, and post-concussion syndrome are all neurologic disorders that have been shown to benefit from stem cell therapy.  All of these conditions are caused by a breakdown of cells in the brain or some kind of damage to brain cells.  One of the most difficult aspects of treating neurologic conditions is that in the past, it has been impossible to repair brain cells.  However, with the help of stem cells, which can regenerate into any kind of cell in the body, damaged brain cells are able to be replaced with healthy cells or repaired.  Typically, when stem cell therapy is started early, it gives patients the best chance at making a strong recovery.

Stem cell therapy for neurologic patients is still not a 100% foolproof method for helping restore the damage.  However, of all the therapies and treatments available, stem cell therapy seems to give neurologic patients the best chance at seeing recovery.  Neurologic conditions affect not only the patient but their loved ones and caretakers as well.  Once receiving a neurologic diagnosis, many people become hopeless because they know these conditions tend to be degenerative.  However, stem cell therapy has provided new hope for all of these patients.

Stem cell therapy is unique from so many other therapies and treatments because it truly focuses on fixing the underlying problem, as opposed to simply relieving symptoms.  This is revolutionary because if the underlying problem is fixed, it removes the need for the patient to get continuous treatment.  This can help give a person their quality of life back.  There is no amount of medicine in the world that can prevent the degeneration that accompanies neurologic conditions.  However, as more research is done to understand stem cell therapy, it will likely become a widely used therapy to help those suffering from conditions such as multiple sclerosis and stroke.  We are already seeing such an improvement in neurologic patients with the help of stem cells and stem cell treatment in Chicago.  There is no telling what could be accomplished in the future.

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