The Benefits of Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis

The Benefits of Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis

The Benefits of Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis

Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy for ArthritisWe live in a world where innovative treatment solutions for arthritis are coming to light. Amniotic stem cell therapy is one of those treatments. This type of stem cell therapy comes from the amniotic sack after a baby is born via cesarean section. This therapy has been used around the world for quite some time for various reasons, but few clinics in the U.S. are offering the therapy right now. However, it is catching on because clinical studies are showing a great deal of promise.

We all have stem cells that play an important role in the natural healing process of the body. If the body is injured, the stem cells receive a signal that it is time to follow the lead of the platelets to the site of the injury. The stem cells then turn themselves into the type of cell that was injured so the injured area can heal. It is an amazing process that has been occurring since we all started growing in the womb. Stem cells facilitate growth, making them a new focus of regenerative medicine.

The Role of Amniotic Stem Cells in Healing Arthritis

As we age, the number of stem cells in the body declines. Sometimes, an injury is so serious that the stem cells are unable to complete a full repair. Arthritis is a condition mainly associated with aging, so it occurs in many people when the stem cells in their bodies are on a sharp decline. Amniotic stem cell therapy solves this problem because a high concentration of stem cells is delivered to the affected areas through injection. This gives the body’s natural ability to heal a healthy boost.

The injection used to deliver the stem cells and amniotic tissues are similar to a steroid shot. The differences are that stem cells are completely natural and very safe, and healing is promoted rather than hiding the pain. The anti-inflammatory properties of stem cells help a lot of people achieve the pain relief that they need. The stem cells then hang out in the area affected by arthritis for two years, creating new tissue.

In addition to the pain relief, the hyaluronic acid in the stem cells lubricates the joints. This provides additional relief and better mobility of the affected joints. The ability of stem cells to transform into any type of cell fascinates scientists and could lead to many more treatment possibilities as researchers learn more about them.

What to Expect from Amniotic Stem Cell Injections?

If you have arthritis and you want to see if amniotic stem cell injections will help you, it is best to talk to a clinic that offers them. If you have osteoarthritis, you may not be a candidate. Other treatment methods may work best for you. Nonetheless, age-related arthritis can react positively to amniotic stem cell therapy with a difference noticed in just a few weeks. Due to the effectiveness of this treatment, it could be possible to return to activities you enjoyed before arthritis slowed you down.

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