The Difference Between Bone Marrow and Fat Derived Stem Cell Therapy

The Difference Between Bone Marrow and Fat Derived Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy is a rapidly growing area of medicine that focuses on a regenerative approach rather than one that relies largely on medication and treatment of symptoms. There are a few different types of stem cell therapy, with bone marrow-derived stem cell therapy being the most widely known. However, there is also a form of fat-derived stem cell therapy that is equally beneficial. But what are the key differences between bone marrow and fat-derived stem cell therapy?

The Differences Between Bone Marrow and Fat Derived Stem Cell Therapy

Fat-derived stem cell therapy is actually called adipose stem cell therapy and offers unique benefits to patients. Fat provides energy, helps us to keep warm, and is critical for the proper absorption of many different nutrients. Even though fat has been given a bad name in mainstream society, it’s actually extremely important and beneficial. Fat can help our bodies heal. Why? Because it contains cells that help to replace and repair damaged tissues. These cells are known as adipose-derived stem cells or pericytes, and they are very powerful, helping to form new blood vessels, stimulate new tissue growth, and awaken native stem cells.

Adipose stem cell therapy

Fat-derived stem cell therapy and bone marrow stem cell therapy are both extremely beneficial and can help heal the body. But there are some slight differences in the benefits of each therapy.


Adipose stem cell therapy benefits include:

  • Adipose stem cells are more age resilient and self-renewing than bone marrow stem cells. For this reason, fat-derived stem cell therapy may be more beneficial for older patients, as bone marrow stem cells’ ability to heal may decline with age.
  • Adipose stem cells have a higher volume than bone marrow stem cells. In fact, there are believed to be as many as 500 times more regenerative cells in adipose tissue than bone marrow.
  • Adipose stem cells are just as capable as bone marrow stem cells of healing tissue in various different areas of the body, such as knees, tendons, and hips.
  • Adipose stem cells can be obtained using minimally invasive procedures.


Adipose stem cell therapy is becoming increasingly popular and is widely being used to help treat those who suffer from a number of different ailments. In fact, fat-derived stem cell therapy is the preferred method of therapy for many doctors, who choose adipose stem cells over bone marrow stem cells. This type of stem cell therapy can be hugely beneficial in relieving suffering and symptoms associated with a wide variety of different issues and is often recommended over surgery or medication. If you are interested in learning more about the ways in which adipose stem cell therapy may be able to help you, contact a professional doctor or stem cell institute.

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