Treating Multiple Sclerosis with Stem Cell Therapy

Treating Multiple Sclerosis with Stem Cell Therapy

One of the most dreaded diseases today is Multiple sclerosis (MS) diseases. This is because of the drastic effect it can have on the body. It has the potential of disabling the brain and the entire central nervous system. In fact, there’s a big clash between the immune and central nervous systems – as the immune system attacks the protective covering of the nerve fibers and destabilizes the brain communications in the process. Multiple sclerosis at its serious level can lead to deterioration of the entire nervous system.

The risk factor of developing multiple sclerosis depends on a wide range of factors. From age, sex, health, and family history, to climate, nutrition, certain diseases, and smoking habits, almost everyone has a chance of developing this disease.

Multiple sclerosis is also serious to the point where it may help develop complications for other diseases. Some of them include those as serious as paralysis, epilepsy, and mental illnesses. Other complications that may arise are muscle stiffness and bowel malfunction.

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What are the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis may not appear the same way in different patients. For some, they may lose their ability to walk uprightly. For some others, it may be seldom pain in their nerves that may not show new symptoms for some period. Whatever the symptom is, it depends on the amount of damage done to the nerves.

What causes Multiple Sclerosis?

Despite the wide range of multiple sclerosis’ risk factors, it’s still quite unclear what causes multiple sclerosis. One may argue that it’s for this reason that it has a wide range of risk factors. Because it’s an autoimmune disease, people are quick to attribute self-attack of the immune system as the cause. The immune system simply malfunctions by destroying its protective fatty substance, specifically in the brain and spinal cord.

Currently, there’s no specific cure for multiple sclerosis. However, there are treatment options available that can help speed recovery from attacks, manage the symptoms and modify the reaction of the body to the disease.

How can adipose stem cell therapy help patients with Multiple sclerosis?

First, the stem cell therapy field is fast and rising, with multiple sclerosis an area where it’s showing great promises. Stem cells implanted into an injured spinal cord have a great chance of generating new neurons (nerve cells), and oligodendrocytes. In the end, this is the treatment that a patient needs to recover his mobility.

The last couple of years have shown indications of improvement and recovery in multiple sclerosis patients with stem cell therapy. Research has shown a 52% reduction in MISS-29 scores.

Adipose tissue yields a much higher number of stem cells than blood or bone marrow. The Regenerative Stem Cell Institute offers a stem cell treatment center in Chicago. Contact us today for a consultation and request an appointment with our professionals.

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