What is the Process of Stem Cell Therapy Treatment in Chicago

What is the Process of Stem Cell Therapy Treatment in Chicago

Treatments for many ailments, especially orthopedic conditions, begin with a conservative, non-invasive treatment plan. This typically includes methods like mediation, rest, and physical therapy.  And when these common methods fail to reduce the symptoms, doctors and physicians recommend surgeries.

Whether small or severe, surgery can have potential complications and risks that may include clot formation, bleeding, and adjacent tissue damage.

Stem cell therapy Chicago is an advanced nonsurgical way to treat or heal damaged or diseased tissues.  With stem cell Chicago, you don’t have to undergo painful surgery.

Let’s delve into the details and find more about the process of stem cell treatment in Chicago.

The Process of Stem Cell Therapy Treatment in Chicago

Stem cell therapy is an effective way to utilize undifferentiated cells. The cells have the unique ability to multiply into different types of tissues.  The quality to self-renew into other cell types makes them popular noninvasive in treatment in Chicago.

You can pigeonhole stem cells into two types, including adult and embryonic cells. While adult stem cells come from the bone marrow and fats, embryonic stem cells are sourced from the embryo.

In Chicago, stem cell experts consider embryonic stem cells more effective than adult stem cells and derive them from embryos during the developmental stage. The cells have an excellent quality to differentiate into particular types of cells.

stem cell treatment in Chicago

Many orthopedic surgeons utilize embryonic stem cells, adult cells (driven from bone marrow), fat, and amniotic fluid to treat numerous musculoskeletal diseases. Most musculoskeletal disorders have limited or specific therapeutic options.  The stem cell treatment has plenty of benefits over surgical options such as;


  • No chance of rejection as doctors take the stem cells from patients’ body
  • Effective alternative to surgery.
  • Promotes and stimulates the natural healing of the diseased tissues.
  • Treats degeneration and injuries that are hard to repair or heal, such as degenerative disc disease.

Mainly stem cells can treat various cartilage and bone cells.  Doctors use them for orthopedic conditions.  Like;

  • Tendon tears
  • Tendinitis
  • Cartilage damage
  • Ligament tears
  • Arthritis

Stem Cell Treatment Procedure in Chicago

Stem cell therapy comprises a short procedure involving the extraction of cells from the fat, bone marrow, or amniotic fluid. Once extracted, stem cell experts process the cells in the spin machine, isolate, and purify them to implant them on the diseased and damaged site.  Experts can perform the same procedure using patients’ autologous stem cells.

Summing Up

In a nutshell, stem cell therapy treatment in Chicago is safe and the most preferred treatment to decrease pain and symptoms of autoimmune diseases. It is a short medical procedure that uses your own body cells to stimulate healing.

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