What is the Process of Stromal Vascular Fraction?

What is the Process of Stromal Vascular Fraction?

Stromal vascular fraction is the process of obtaining stem cells derived from fat tissue. Stem cells come from a variety of different places such as bone marrow, umbilical cord blood, and adipose tissue. Until recently, stem cells were most commonly extracted from bone marrow. However, as more research was conducted on stem cells, there were other sources of stem cells found. One of these sources is adipose. In fact, adipose tissue contains an even higher concentration of stem cells than bone marrow does.

Adipose-derived stem cells can be used for people suffering from autoimmune diseases, urologic conditions, neurologic, pulmonary, ophthalmologic, and orthopedic conditions. Stromal vascular fraction is technically a by-product of harvesting excess fatty tissue, or adipose. This fraction contains a large number of stem cells which are very similar to those founding bone marrow. Because more stem cells are present in adipose tissue than in bone marrow, many physicians prefer using adipose-derived stem cells. In fact, stromal vascular fraction yields 10 million to 40 million stem cells.

The procedure of harvesting stem cells from adipose tissue does take some time. It can take up to 4 hours to complete the process. Light anesthesia is given to the patient. Then, an incision is made in an area with a high concentration of fatty tissue such as the stomach or buttocks. Liposuction is performed on the area to harvest the adipose tissue. Then, the stromal vascular fraction is separated from the fat cells. This fraction contains adult stem cells. The stem cells are separated from the fraction and injected back into the patient.

The process of obtaining adipose-derived stem cells is low risk and extremely safe for the patient. It is safer than obtaining stem cells derived from bone marrow. In addition, because so many more stem cells are obtained, there is a less likely chance that the procedure will need to be repeated to get more stem cells. The biggest risk to the patient is an infection at the incision site which should not happen if you go to a reputable clinic and take care of the incision properly. While the stem cells obtained are adult stem cells, they are still very effective in helping patients suffering from a wide range of ailments. This is the reason adipose-derived stem cells are growing in popularity.

Stromal vascular fraction is the key component in obtaining adipose-derived stem cells. After a small liposuction procedure is performed, stromal vascular fraction is separated from adipose cells, and the stem cells are taken out of the fraction. The process takes time, however, it is extremely low risk to the patient. As more and more research is done on adipose-derived stem cells, it is becoming clear this is a superior way of obtaining adult stem cells. Stromal vascular fraction from Chicago stem cell provides hope to make patients who are suffering from a wide range of conditions. From orthopedic conditions to neurologic conditions, stromal vascular fraction can help improve your quality of life.


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