What To Do For Dry Eyes

What To Do For Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are one of the most frustrating medical conditions to deal with.  When our eyes are working properly, we hardly notice them.  However, when dry eyes occur, it can make things, like working, driving, and living a normal life, seem near impossible.  While dry eyes are a very common occurrence amongst those living in the United States, it can take years before finding a treatment method that helps relieve some of the symptoms.  Fortunately, stem cell therapy has shown some possibilities in helping those who have been living with dry eyes for far too long.

Tears are the main form of lubrication for our eyes.  They keep our eyes clean and comfortable.  Unfortunately, sometimes our bodies do not produce enough tears to keep our eyes adequately lubricated.  There are a lot of reasons tear production may not be up to speed, and it is part of the reason finding an adequate treatment for dry eyes can take such a long time.  While there are treatments available that can help with the symptoms, these treatments are not cures.  Many people who suffer from dry eyes and find adequate treatment will need to continue using that treatment for the rest of their lives if they want to remain comfortable.  This can become costly and inconvenient.



There are many different causes of dry eyes ranging from the environment to age to various diseases and medication side effects.  Unfortunately, dry eyes do not just stop at discomfort.  They can lead to other complications such as eye infections, eye damage, and a greatly diminished quality of life due to being constantly uncomfortable.  Currently, treatment comes in the form of medicated eye drops, avoiding environmental factors, eye inserts, or even eye drops made from your own blood.  However, many of these current treatments are not adequate.  Fortunately, stem cells have given hope to those suffering from constant dry eyes.

Dry eyes can greatly diminish a person’s quality of life.  It is a problem that does not get a lot of attention because it is not life-threatening, yet so many people learn to live with constant irritation.  There is hope that stem cell therapy can help repair any damage to the eye that may be causing insufficient tears.  This would offer dry eye patients a cure, not simply a treatment for symptoms.  The thought of a cure would be life-changing for all the people throughout the world suffering from dry eyes, regardless of the root cause.

Dry eyes are a frustrating condition to live with and, at times, may make patients feel hopeless.  The thought of being on medication for the rest of a person’s life can take a large toll emotionally and financially.  Dry eyes seem minuscule in theory; however, in reality, they significantly negatively affect a person’s life.  While there are treatments to help relieve symptoms that do exist, it will be life-changing for dry eye sufferers to have the ability to use stem cells to help relieve their condition.

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