2 Common Stem Cell Treatments

2 Common Stem Cell Treatments

Today, stem cells are being utilized to treat a wide range of conditions, from autoimmune issues to degenerative injuries and more.

Here is a quick look at two of the most common stem cell treatments.

Stem Cell Treatment for Joint Repair

With age, the joints in the body undergo wear and tear and overuse. Traditional treatments for joint pain include rest, medication, physical therapy and/or surgery, and it takes a long time for any one of those treatments to produce significant relief.

However, stem cell treatment aids repair and replacement of the damage cells and tissues, thereby producing lasting and effective pain relief. Stem cell treatments are able to do this without cutting into the body or making the patient undergo prolonged rehabilitation and recovery.

Stem Cell Treatment for Low Back Pain

Back pain is a common cause of disability worldwide. Back pain can be chronic and debilitating and reduces the patient’s quality of life dramatically. Back pain often results from degenerating intervertebral discs and facet joints. Stem cell treatments can help the patient obtain sustainable pain relief and improve their quality of life by repairing cells, reducing inflammation, improving disc hydration and repairing the disc cartilage.

If you are wondering whether stem cell therapy will work in your condition or injury, talk to a stem cell expert at a reliable stem cell treatment center right away.

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