Can Sport Injuries Benefit From Stem Cell Therapy?

Can Sport Injuries Benefit From Stem Cell Therapy?

Sports injuries are a relatively common occurrence in the United States.  Roughly 8.6 million sports injuries occur in the United States each year.  The most common type of sports injury is a strain or sprain.  They account for just over 40% of all sports injuries.  While sports injuries are common and do not typically cause a serious problem for the affected person, sports injuries that are repetitive can cause problems later in life.

When it comes to sports injuries, prevention is key.  Taking part in warm-ups, stretching, and learning the difference between soreness and genuine pain all play a part in avoiding sports injuries.  However, almost all people who play a sport for fun or competitively, or who exercise will experience some kind of sports injury at one point or another.

In most cases, the best treatment for a sports injury is rest.  When you play a sport or are exercising, you are often working your body to the point of exhaustion.  It is no surprise that injuries tend to happen during this time.  It is your body’s way of telling you that you need to slow down and rest.  During a sports injury, you may notice pain, swelling, and temporary loss of function.  While this can be scary, it is often nothing too serious.  Rest on its own can be enough.  However, combining ice and heat with rest can help speed up the healing process.  Compression to immobilize the injured area and prevent further damage, and elevation to decrease blood flow to the area and swelling can also be of great help.

While most sports injuries can be treated simply, some are more complex. In some cases, sports injuries can mean damage or tears to tendons, ligaments, muscles, and cartilage.  In these cases, rest and ice alone may not be enough.  Sometimes injections are used to help heal the injury, and in others, surgery may be necessary.  Fortunately, through medical advances, stem cell therapy has also become a treatment option for patients with these kinds of injuries.  Stem cells can help the body to heal itself and regenerate tissue that has been damaged.  The results are not the same for every person because each person’s body reacts differently to the therapy.  However, stem cell therapy has shown a lot of promise.

With so many kids being involved in sports, and adults showing a commitment to staying fit and healthy, it is not a shock that sports injuries are very common occurrences in the United States.  Fortunately, most of these injuries can be dealt with through basic first aid.  However, in some cases, whether caused by repetitive injury, or a singular horrific incident, more in-depth treatment may be necessary.  The advancement of stem cell therapy has contributed greatly to those suffering from sports injuries, especially in the real of cartilage, ligament, tendon, and muscle issues.  While there is still research to be done, stem cell therapy shows a lot of promise for the field of sports medicine in the future.

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