Do You Make a Good Candidate for Stem Cell Therapy?

Do You Make a Good Candidate for Stem Cell Therapy?

You might have heard about advancements in the domain of stem cell treatment for different medical conditions. A bulk of evidence has shown that many COPD and multiple sclerosis sufferers have improved quality of life after receiving stem cell treatment in Chicago.

Currently, stem cell treatment specialists are successfully treating hundreds of patients with osteoarthritis, back conditions, and joint pain per year. Today, fat cell treatment has become one of the viable options or alternatives to surgeries. Many people consider opting for stem cell therapy better than undergoing painful surgery.

However, people with various ailments often question, “Am I a good candidate for stem cell therapy”? If you can relate to this, let’s get into the details to find the answer to this query.

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Who is an Ideal Candidate for Stem Cell Therapy


Patients with Back Pain

If you have back pain, it is important to undergo a thorough examination to determine if you’re the right candidate for stem cell treatment. However, some basic indicators include facet injury, a painful disc from overuse, trauma, and conditions like spinal facet and degenerative disc disease. If you suffer from the symptoms of any of these conditions, you’re likely a candidate for stem cell therapy.

Stem cell therapy has shown potential results in alleviating back pain due to chronic injuries. With the help of this invasive treatment, many patients are able to return to their daily life activities more quickly.

Patients with knee Pain

Knee osteoarthritis may frequently occur in older adults.  The condition exacerbates when cartilage (soft tissues that cushion the knee joint) begins to deteriorate.

Generally, it causes the padding between joints to rupture or break down. Doctors may suggest knee replacement or Arthroplasty as a treatment. The procedure comprises three-hour surgery and months of exercise and physical therapy for complete mobility.

Stem cell treatment, on the other hand, is a popular procedure for these knee problems. Its results for knee conditions continue to get better. If you are suffering from excruciating pain due to broken cartilage, you might be an ideal candidate for regenerative treatment.  The therapy can help you improve performance in everyday activities, including standing up and walking.

Patients with Hip Pain

Hip surgery is another everyday procedure millions of people have to undergo every year. The surgery is not only invasive but also lasts several months, which includes physical therapy.

Stem cell therapy is effective for reducing hip pain. It helps regrow and repair joint tissues.  If you have osteoarthritis in hip joints, you can opt for stem cell treatment to avoid painful hip replacement operations.

Summing Up

In conclusion, a physical examination is crucial for determining your eligibility for stem cell therapy.  Your medical history is also an essential factor to consider whether you make an ideal candidate for this non-invasive procedure.

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