FAQs on Adipose Derived Treatment for Arthritis, Sports Injuries and Overuse Conditions

FAQs on Adipose Derived Treatment for Arthritis, Sports Injuries and Overuse Conditions

What is Adipose Tissue?

The loose connective tissue in the body which stores body fat is known as the adipose tissue. We simply identify it as fat. This tissue is designed to store energy and also insulate the internal body organs against heat loss to the surroundings. Adipose tissue is also found in the bone marrow and produces many important hormones in the body.

What does the Adipose Tissue Contain?

The adipose tissue has its base in bone marrow as well and therefore, researchers have been able to find mesenchymal stem cells in the adipose tissue. These cells are able to divide indefinitely and have an amazing ability to heal inflammations by growing new tissues. Normally, adipose tissues store fatty acids, but they also have the ability to produce enzymes and regulate important body functions.

How are Stem Cells Isolated from the Adipose Tissue?

There are many donors who go through the liposuction process to remove fat tissues. These tissues are then used to separate the stem cells, which are present in a small number in the fat. The Regenerative Stem Cell Institute offers an IRB Approved protocol known as SVF (stromal vascular fraction), which helps to optimize the number of cells and their longevity.

How Effective is Adipose Derived Treatment?

Adipose derived treatment is now being seriously implemented for organ damage as well as for treating long term injuries such as those experienced by athletes due to overuse of joints and muscles. The adipose derived treatment has the same effects as produced by bone marrow treatments, but it is much easier to find adipose donors, as compared to finding bone marrow donors because the extraction is a very painful procedure.

Adipose derived treatment is also able to quickly provide relief to a person from a number of symptoms that are all related to damage to muscles and other types of connective tissue.

Can Adipose Derived Treatment be used to Treat Arthritis?

The Adipose derived treatment works excellently for most inflammation based medical conditions. Arthritis refers to the inflammation of body joints. Therefore, this treatment is aptly suited to improve the condition of a person suffering from arthritis. It also has a positive impact on the immune system, which gives the body a better chance to discard damaged tissues, while not affecting the new tissue that is forming to repair the connective tissues.

Can Adipose Derived Treatment used to Treat Sports Injuries?

Sports injuries are usually stress related or happen due to the overuse of certain body parts. Most sports injuries in fact, happen to joints and ligaments around the ankle and the knee area. Adipose derived stem cells are able to excellently work in case of sports injuries, because they contain stem cells that stimulate growth at a weak joint; and induce the body into producing the new tissue while lowering the swelling around the joint. This makes it possible for an athlete to recover and in fact, resolve a chronic problem.

The Regenerative Stem Cell Institute offers adipose derived stem cell therapy under an IRB Approved protocol. The Chicago stem cell treatment center is owned and operated by Board Certified physicians. Call us today for top treatment!

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