How Do Stem Cells Reduce Pain?

How Do Stem Cells Reduce Pain?

The difficulty of pain management is something that plagues many people living in the United States.  Chronic pain can exist for a variety of reasons ranging from an injury to simply getting older.  While many people suffer from chronic pain, it is still one of the most difficult ailments to treat.  This is because all people experience pain differently, and sometimes it is impossible to tell what the actual source of pain might be.  Fortunately, stem cells have revolutionized the field of pain management and have been able to help return many people to a better quality of life.

Many people who suffer from chronic pain have tried everything in the book to reduce their pain to no avail.  They have more than likely tried rest, medication, physical therapy, steroid injections, and possibly even surgery.  While most of these traditional therapies help initially, many patients realize they are not always good long-term solutions.  This is because traditional forms of medicine are geared towards treating the symptoms of pain, rather than the underlying cause itself.

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Stem cells are able to effectively reduce pain because they work by addressing the underlying causes of symptoms as opposed to just the symptoms of pain.  For example, if a person is suffering from osteoarthritis, and the cushioning between bones is beginning to wear down, it will cause inflammation of the surrounding tissue due to bone on bone friction.  Traditional treatment methods may focus on reducing inflammation to help with the pain.  While this will help initially, the pain will always come back because as soon as the medication or steroid injection is removed, inflammation will come back because the cartilage is worn down.

If stem cells were used for the same situation, the stem cell injected into the arthritic joint could not only replace damaged cartilage tissue but would also recruit other healing components to help reduce inflammation and repair any damaged cartilage tissue.  As a result, pain is greatly reduced, if not entirely removed, and the patient does not need to keep coming back for more and more injections.  This is a revolutionary new therapy in the field of pain management.  Many pain patients begin to lose hope over time.  They try treatment after treatment and slowly come to the realization that they will have to live with pain their entire lives, and may have to live on medication for their entire lives.  Stem cell therapy completely changes this landscape.

Stem cell therapy from the Chicago stem cell treatment center is quickly becoming the go-to therapy for pain management.  This is because it works, and it poses far fewer risks than other forms of treatment.  Stem cells have the ability to reduce pain so effectively because they focus on addressing the underlying cause of the problem as opposed to the symptoms of pain.  As stem cell therapy becomes better understood, there is no doubt it will become more of mainstream therapy.  It has helped a plethora of patients suffering from chronic pain who were unable to find relief from traditional medicine.

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