Stem Cell Therapy-An Alternative to Shoulder Surgery

Stem Cell Therapy-An Alternative to Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder pain is one of the common symptoms of musculoskeletal disorders. Most of the non-traumatic shoulder ache is due to inflammatory and degenerative processes that may include disorders of adhesive capsulitis, rotator cuff, and osteoarthritis. Among all these disorders, tendon tear in the rotator cuff is the common cause of acute shoulder disability and pain.

Medical professionals recommend shoulder surgery as a treatment to help people get rid of shoulder pain. Although surgery may reduce shoulder pain, it entails some risks such as anesthesia reaction, blood clotting, muscle loss, and pain. As surgery requires more time for recovery, patients may need hospitalization for many days.

The recovery from shoulder surgery is relatively slow and can be painful. It may take a period of months with limited use of your shoulder. Once it starts healing, you may need to take physical rehabilitation for multiple weeks. In several cases, people fail to recover shoulder functionality that may limit their shoulder movements entirely.

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This is where the role of stem cell treatment comes into play. The noninvasive treatment option has become a reliable alternative to painful shoulder surgery. You can take stem cell treatment in Chicago to treat your shoulder pain condition and enjoy a faster recovery.


Why Stem Cell Therapy is an Alternative to Shoulder Surgery

It is worth mentioning that stem cells are a vital natural healing source of your body. Your body continually renews these cells in different parts. The cells are undifferentiated and include a unique ability to multiply into a range of various cells. That means the stem cells can also develop into new cells to repair your shoulders’ damaged tissues.

Stem cell therapy Chicago aims to use a regenerative method to support and promote self-healing of the shoulder and damaged tissues around it. The effective pain-free solution may reverse disease development and suppress inflammatory reaction that aggravates the pain. Stem cell therapy can lead you to symptom relief and improvement of shoulder function.

Stem Cell Injections for Shoulder Pain

Typically, a single shot of injection is enough to help people repair damaged tissues in the shoulder. Medical professionals need to conduct some tests such as X-ray fluoroscopy and ultrasound to perform stem cell procedures accurately. The diagnostic examination also helps doctors reduce the likelihood of complications.

A single shot of stem cells may produce positive results and repair shoulder tissues. Doctors may use platelet-rich plasma and stem cells to activate fat cells and improve their tendency to speed up the recovery process.

Summing Up

In a nutshell, shoulder surgery is not only painful but also may restrict mobility and functions. It is a complex process and may require a more extended period for a full recovery. Stem cell therapy for shoulder pain provides quick and long-term recovery. Thus, it can be an effective solution for your acute shoulder pain.

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