Stem Cell Therapy to treat Foot and Ankle

Stem Cell Therapy to treat Foot and Ankle

Many patients benefit from Stem Cell Therapy as an effective alternative to foot or ankle surgery. Stem cell therapy is not only quite effective, it also allows easier and faster recovery with minimal risks or complications.

A person may start suffering from foot and ankle pain after an injury, such as a sprain, or a medical condition, such as arthritis. In many cases, surgery may be recommended to treat foot and ankle pain conditions. However, surgery is invasive and carries the risks of pain, blood clots, infections and even muscle loss. In addition, the person may have to remain hospitalized for a few days, as they slowly recover. Recovery is slow too and may require up to three months wearing crutches or a cast. And even then, in many cases, foot or ankle function may not be fully recovered after surgery, and this can limit the patients’ movement.

How does stem cell therapy help in treating foot and ankle pain?

Stem cells are our body’s natural healing agents. They keep renewing cells throughout our body, including our joints and tendons. Stem cells possess the unique ability to develop into different types of cells, including the ones needed to repair foot and ankle tissues.

This natural healing can delay, even reverse disease progression, and modify inflammatory responses to relieve pain and restore function.

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