Stem Cell Therapy to treat Joint Pain

Stem Cell Therapy to treat Joint Pain

With age, the bone joints become start to wear out, especially the articular cartilage. This can negatively impact your personal and professional lives.

If you suffer from chronic joint pain, joint replacement is NOT the only option for relief. In a few cases, surgery may be inevitable. But now, modern, ground breaking regenerative medicine, Stem Cell Therapy and PRP Therapy, can help you heal without surgery.

Since the goal is to preserve the joints, it is important that they heal. This is possible only with regenerative medicine, including stem cell therapy. Whether the damage to the joints is due to an injury or aging related wear and tear in osteoarthritis, stem cell therapy offers a powerful solution to resolve the problem.

At The Regenerative Stem Cell Institute, stem cells are collected from your own adipose (fat) tissue, concentrated and injected into the damaged or diseased tissue. Stem cells are progenitor cells, capable of creating many specialized cells, such as bone or cartilage. The stem cells regenerate new healthy tissue, allowing your body’s natural healing ability to repair the affected joints.

Since stem cells possess the ability to self-renew, utilizing these specialized cells allows faster and complete recovery. Specialists at the Regenerative Stem Cell Institute have helped many patients return to their regular lives pain-free.

To learn more about Platelet Rich Plasma therapy or PRP injections in Chicago, visit The Regenerative Stem Cell Institute. The Regenerative Stem Cell Institute is Chicago’s top regenerative medicine center. The Institute uses PRP therapy in Chicago for arthritis, sports injuries and many more conditions at eight locations in Chicago.

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