What Is Optic Atrophy And What Can Be Done To Help?

What Is Optic Atrophy And What Can Be Done To Help?

Optic atrophy is a condition that affects the optic nerve, which carries impulses from the eye to the brain.  It is a rare condition without any known cure currently.  Optic atrophy is typically a result of damage due to other conditions.  It can lead to problems with vision, and in some cases, blindness. While there is currently no cure for the condition, stem cell therapy has shown a lot of promise in helping those suffering from optic atrophy for the future.

Optic atrophy is a condition that is often a result of various other conditions damaging the optic nerve.  Optic atrophy means the optic nerve that transmits information from the eye to the brain is being damaged.  There are a few conditions that can lead to optic atrophy, including glaucoma, stoke of the optic nerve, tumors, inflammation, genetics, and improper formation of the optic nerve.  The most common symptoms of optic atrophy that might tip you off that there is a problem include blurred vision, difficulty with side vision, difficulty with color vision, and a reduction in the sharpness of vision.

If you notice any of the symptoms of optic atrophy, it is important to visit an ophthalmologist as soon as possible.  If your doctor has reason to believe that you may be suffering from optic atrophy, they will perform an eye examination.  Most treatment for this condition is aimed at symptom management.  For example, if the cause of the atrophy is inflammation, steps can be taken to lessen inflammation and hopefully get the patient’s eyesight back to normal.  If glaucoma is the cause, if diagnosed early, medication can be provided to slow the progression of optic atrophy.  If a tumor is the cause, when treated early, the tumor can be removed to relieve pressure on the optic nerve, thus restoring vision back to normal.

As stem cell therapy has become more popular, it has been tested for a variety of different ailments, including optic atrophy.  Stem cell therapy has been shown to help those suffering from optic atrophy by regenerating and replacing damaged cells in the optic nerve.  This is a revolutionary procedure for this kind of disease because it gives patients hope that one day their eyesight may return back to normal.  Stem cells are also more effective than the current treatments that are on the market.

Optic atrophy is a scary condition to live with.  Many people cannot imagine life without their eyesight.  Optic atrophy is often a secondary condition caused by other ailments such as glaucoma, tumors, or inflammation.  For this reason, it is important to make regular visits to your eye doctor even if you do not think anything is wrong.  Regular visits can help catch a problem in the beginning stages so that it does not develop into optic atrophy, or does not have time to make the optic atrophy worse.  However, if you are suffering from optic atrophy, stem cell therapy is a strong candidate to help restore your vision and allow for a better quality of life.


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