What Is Stromal Vascular Fraction

What Is Stromal Vascular Fraction

Stromal Vascular Fraction, often shortened to SVF, is typically what people are referring to when they talk about fat stem cells. Even though adipose SVF and adipose stem cells aren’t always one and the same, adipose SVF is usually what most people are referencing when they talk about fat-derived stem cells. Stromal Vascular Fraction is a component of lipoaspirate that is extracted from adipose, or fat, tissue. Usually, the adipose stem cells are harvested from excess fat tissue that is a waste product of liposuction procedures.

This lipoaspirate contains a huge number of adipose-derived stem cells, which are largely hailed as being just as beneficial as bone marrow stem cells, if not more so, but much easier to obtain. Adipose Stromal Vascular Fraction is utilized as a procedure for stem cell therapy. Stromal Vascular Fraction cells are processed in a very specific way that enables them to be administered to patients in order to help with a number of different ailments. Adipose-derived stem cells can differentiate themselves into different types of tissue, as well as repair damaged tissue and replace damaged or dead cells.

Stromal Vascular Fraction

Stromal Vascular Fraction stem cell therapy has a number of different benefits despite it being a relatively new form of stem cell therapy. It can be used to treat various different inflammatory and degenerative diseases, which can help those whose lives are debilitated by the pain, discomfort, or symptoms of such ailments. In these instances, many patients have often prescribed medications designed only to treat or help with symptoms. But Stromal Vascular Fraction therapy can help to target diseases at their root, working more as a treatment for symptoms.


What is Stromal Vascular Fraction Therapy Used For?


SVF can be used to help treat many different illnesses and diseases, some of which have no other known cure. For example, SVF can  help with:

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Joint Replacement
  • Diabetes
  • Migraines
  • Strokes
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Crohn’s Disease


In many of these illnesses, patients live for years in pain and with debilitating symptoms, many of which are not helped by medications or therapies. In these instances, Stromal Vascular Fraction therapy is the best course of treatment.

Stromal Vascular Fraction therapy is fast becoming a popular form of stem cell therapy, and many doctors prefer it to bone marrow stem cell therapy for a number of reasons. First, the cells are easier to derive in the first place and can be obtained from minimally invasive procedures. Adipose-derived stem cells are also much more long-lived and resilient than bone marrow stem cells. Their many benefits make adipose-derived stem cells ideal for regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy treatments. If you are interested in finding out if Stromal Vascular Fraction stem cell therapy is an ideal treatment for you, contact a professional doctor or stem cell therapy institute to find out more.

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