Why Are Concussions So Dangerous

Why Are Concussions So Dangerous

Concussions are unfortunately a very common occurrence. They are a dangerous problem that can leave lasting effects. Concussions occur when there is a blow or jolt to the head. They are most likely to occur during a car crash or during sports that require constant collisions such as hockey and football. After people undergo conditions, they may have no symptoms, have symptoms for a couple of days, or have symptoms for weeks.

People who are not as strong such as older people or children may take longer to recover than their healthier counterparts. In addition, the more concussions a person suffers, the more likely they are to have lasting and lifelong effects. Fortunately, stem cell therapy in Chicago has been shown to help with symptoms.

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Concussions can cause blood clots in the brain. In addition, normal symptoms following a concussion include headaches that get worse and do not go away, weakness, numbness, or lack of coordination, repeated vomiting and nausea, and speech problems. If more serious symptoms occur such as lack of consciousness, cannot stay awake, one pupil is larger than the other, the person is confused or cannot recognize people or places, or begins to have seizures, the person should be taken to the hospital immediately.

Concussions are particularly dangerous since they cause an initial paralysis of the brain which is short-lived. However, no two people from a concussion the same way. This can make treating concussions very difficult for physicians. Chicago stem cell treatment centers can help patients to find adequate treatment plans for whatever their specific situation may be. The brain is not considered totally healed until all symptoms have disappeared. The brain takes time in order to heal completely.

Multiple concussions are one of the most dangerous things the brain can experience. This is made even worse if the brain is not fully healed from the first concussion. If a person suffers enough concussions, the brain may never fully heal. Oftentimes, people do not see the lasting effects of concussions until later in life. People who suffer from multiple concussions over time may develop chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

This condition causes the brain to break down which can lead to memory loss, depression and anxiety, and dementia later in life. Stem cell therapy in Chicago can help people who have suffered from concussions to heal quicker and more completely over time.

While all people are at risk of getting a concussion, people who participate in contact sports are at an elevated risk of developing a concussion. Concussions that go untreated can have devastating consequences later on in life. Concussions can affect everything from physical abilities to mental abilities to relationships. Some peoples’ loved ones report a major change in behavior after suffering from a concussion.

Even if you feel you are not suffering from any concussion symptoms, it is still important to visit a physician after hitting your head. Chicago stem cell treatment centers can help patients to determine whether or not their concussion is healed, and determine if stem cell therapy can help speed up the process or heal the injury more completely.









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